Pipe Specifics

All Dr Bob Pipe stems have their representative red, white & blue dots representing Old Glory and signifying that they are American-made quality pipes.


I now use a laser instead of steel stamps and that has saved me many headaches. The laser makes a crisp stamp.  And I have simplified my stamp to just DR BOB. 

You may find one of my older pipes and they would have the following stamping.
Stamping on the pipe includes the maker, DR BOB, country of origin, USA, and grading. For grading and stamping a P means Patriot (entry level quality) and H means Heritage (highest quality level). The P, PP, PPP (same with H) are levels of increasing quality or size and are all rusticated or sandblasted. The H and HH are the highest grades and are smooth pipes or smooth pipes with minimal rustication.
There may be an additional charge of $25 for silver work, extenders, or hand-cut stems; and a possible $50 charge for magnums. There may be additional charges of $25 per increase in sizes of XL, XXL, and XXXL.

All tobacco chambers are coated with a proprietary formula to enhance the breaking in pleasure of the pipe and some chambers are natural (not coated). All tenons are made of delrin.

Stems are hand cut and are either acrylic or high grade German Ebonite.

1 Year Guarantee

If there are any burn out issues. cracks in the pipe or defects, your pipe will be replaced, you just pay shipping costs

Fast Shipping

Shipping will take no more than 3-5 business days... Possible delays due to COVID-19

Customer Service

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at: bobkiess@gmail.com