Welcome to my first newsletter.

Why would a pipe maker develop a newsletter? I have had lots of pipe folks ask me how I do certain certain techniques, especially my rustication, what kind of wood I use, or where I live. So, I wanted to welcome people to my pipe world through videos and writing. Also when I am asked where I live, I want to show off Vermont and my home. I like to teach so it would include a teaching platform, especially videos. Also I would like to share links about many subjects.

I love creativity and it is a joy to go to my shop usually daily. There are new pipe designs and shapes, rod stock selection for bits, staining the wood.

I live isolated in the mountains of Vermont, about 30min from a decent sized town.       

My wife, Dory, and I love our location and it is very special through each season. We have 5 kids, all above the age of 40 and 15 grand kids. We have deer, bear, fox, turkeys, squirrels and lots of song birds on our property. I especially love winter with its crisp temps and wonderful snow, which gives me plenty of opportunities to snow shoe

We have a hot tub purposely placed outside so we can enjoy the winter cold and snow. We love sitting in the tub during a snow storm!!, sounds crazy.
I love to fly fish for trout or bass and tie my own flies.

I grew up in the town of Williamsport, Pa., then at age 12, my family moved to the country along side of a terrific stream. I had a wonderful childhood there playing, swimming and fishing in the Loyalsock Creek, and hiking in the nearby mountains. Our family also hunted and a typical day consisted of bagging a pheasant or two plus some rabbits, then finishing the day off in the woods, bagging grouse and squirrels. Fortunately I had my mom and grandma who liked cooking squirrel pot pie and other game dishes. There were always deer harvested and yummy venison to eat. Of course, locally caught trout was part of our menu.

I wanted to be a doctor from a young age and attended Lycoming College for pre-med, then attended the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Columbia University in NYC. Family medicine became my goal and I was in that field for 40 years. In the early years I did a stint in the Indian Health Service with the Choctaw Indians in Oklahoma, taught family medicine at Oral Roberts University and had several practices in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Vermont. I retired in 2011 after being in practice here in Vermont.

In 1971 I became a Christian. By that I mean that Jesus became Lord of my life and gave me eternal life. I became filled with the Holy Spirit and His power for life. I believe the Bible to be the inerrant Word of God.

Much more to come, perhaps monthly or twice weekly!!





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